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A Bit More About Us

The Auto Ace is not a car insurance provider. We are an online marketplace and we work directly with insurance providers, brokers, and agents to help aggregate the right insurance offers and present them to you. At, we know what a hassle it is to find the right car insurance for you.

That's why we took all of the guesswork out the process. We connect you with a team of experts that is here to provide you with top-notch information about how to save on your auto insurance, what type of coverage might best suit you, and more.

Once you learn about your options, fill out the free, simple questionnaire on our site to get more information and quotes from multiple companies that might be a fit for you.

Don't feel like waiting to be called? Once you have filled out the form, to get the process moving faster, you will also be able to connect directly with auto insurance providers that may work for you. At The Auto Ace we are dedicated to providing you with opportunities to save hundreds on your car insurance each year … quickly and easily.

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How Does the Site Work?

We communicate with insurance companies and service providers to find you a plan that will fit your needs financially and in terms of overall coverage. We analyze the information you provide us. Using our comprehensive database and network of companies, find you any and all applicable quotes so you can choose which one fits your needs. We can provide information about auto insurance for cars and drivers in all fifty states and Washington D.C.

What Information Will I Be Providing?

We will need your address, contact info, vehicle information (make, model, mileage), driver information (age, education, credit rating and occupation). Additionally, we will need any information regarding accidents, violations and claims involving your vehicle over the past three years and the details of your current insurance plan.

Will My Info Be Kept Private?

Absolutely. Your privacy is one of our company's top priorities.

Will I Be Charged for a Quote?

No! We provide this service completely free of charge. We are paid only by insurance providers and agents who understand that we will, in an unbiased fashion, match potential customers to the plans that make the most sense for them financially.

How Much Money Will I Save?

While this varies depending on your specific circumstances, you stand to save hundreds of dollars per year on your car insurance by allowing us to search for the quotes that fit your priorities.